Let us help you explore the college application journey.

You are probably wondering whether you need the education consulting and college planning services offered by Grays Hall College Counseling. After all, your student has a high school guidance counselor. But with the budget constraints schools are operating under, it's not uncommon for a high school counselor to be responsible for over 600 students.

Don't get us wrong - high school counselors provide an invaluable service to our students, but remember, college counseling is only a sliver of their workload. They have additional responsibilities which reduce the time they have available for meeting with students and getting to know them. What GHCC can do for you is complementary to what the high school counselor can do: in fact, we consider ourselves as a part of the high school counseling team and whenever possible, we will be in the loop with our client's high school counselor. We will help the student maximize his/her time with the high school counselor, helping the student focus questions and get the most out of those meetings. Remember your high school counselor should be one of your best resources, enhanced by your own independent research, assisted by GHCC.

In today's ultra-competitive college admissions climate, you will need not only a voice of reason but also one of calm to guide you through the often turbulent waters of college applications.  The process has changed dramatically over the past few years, and Grays Hall College Counseling stays informed and up-to-date on all that is college admission.  Your counselor strives to visit college campuses regularly, meet with admissions counselors, continuously read pertinent articles, attend seminars and webinars, etc.  It's a passion for GHCC and it allows us to provide you with top notch counseling and planning.  WE will spend the time needed with you to help you convey to the admissions committee all that makes YOU uniquely YOU.

Another reason to retain the services of GHCC is to help you find the right fit college for you.  There are nearly 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. alone; we will diligently put together a tailored list of colleges that are not only the right academic fit, but also the right social and financial fit for you and your family.  We will get to know you, and help  you find out more about yourself, your career aspirations and your goals.

An independent college counselor can help provide structure to a process that inherently lacks it by tracking deadlines, application requirements and data.  Through Grays Hall College Counseling's website, you will have your own database which provides you with access to thousands of college and universities, where you can build your own college list, complimenting what your counselor will have suggested for you.  Once  a GHCC client, the student and parents will have access to a comprehensive college profile with links to various external research sites including the college's website.  The beauty of having GHCC guide you is that all deadlines will be clearly identified, and the "nagging" will come from us, so parents can be supportive and part of the college planning excitement.